AI technology accelerates “The international influencersmarketing”

VaRich integrates cross-border logistics/payment services, bringing multinational influencers to sell Taiwanese goods toward global

In recent years, the rise of Internet celebrities and influencers, coupled with the post-pandemic effect, has accelerated the growth of social commerce around the world. This has caused drastic changes in global e-commerce and retail industries. As a result, consumers’ consumption habits have been reversed. From following the influencers, a high degree of trust can be established through the network, which in turn generates consumer behavior, while cultivating brand loyal users and increasing brand engagement.

Technology has added value to social commerce, creating a win-win situation for business owners, influencers, and consumers

The combined application of e-commerce and big data has caused brand owners and retailers to invest in digital transformation. However, when consumers shop online, they have hundreds or thousands of choices for a single product. That leaves the customers with the paradox of choice. The online shopping experience was supposed to save consumers time, but then it takes more time to place an order than offline shopping.

That’s why VaRich is here. VaRich disrupts the business model of the existing e-commerce platform, turning static selling model to an interactive one. Through huge data analysis and consumer model prediction, it can simulate the browsing behavior and potential needs that may occur in the future based on the preferences of consumers.

By adapting the intelligent insight technology provided by VaRich, brand owners not only able to analyze consumers' preferences for their products, screen out attractive product combinations and price ranges, accurately grasp the true representation of consumers, but also improve operating efficiency for the brand, and save business costs.

After products onboarded the platform, the intelligent marketing technology from VaRich platform can be used to match the fan base with influencers who are suitable for the product. Then the influencers create content on major social platforms and recommend the product to their fan base. As a result, they can not only start a business, but also increase their influence. On the other hand, it also brings higher conversion rate, traffic and performance for brand owners.

VaRich integrates cross-border payment, logistics, with international influencers and brings cross-sea sales for Taiwan’s high-quality agriculture products

There are many high-quality products in Taiwan, historically international sales have been a challenge due to insufficient marketing resources and a lack of international experience. Taiwan is a leader in the development of e-commerce in Asia, with high penetration rate, diversified sales categories, and remarkably efficient distribution needs something. The main reasons for this are the inability to grasp the overseas markets, resources, the lack of integrated logistics and payment solutions, and the inability to expand the sales distribution.

The VaRich platform is made from four entrepreneurs from different fields, combining key competencies and resources such as global business management, e-commerce, logistics solutions, AI/big data technology, to create a cross-border online celebrity shopping guide with cross-domain mutual benefit as the core value. Our innovative team delicate to bring value to business owners and Internet celebrities in terms of "Intelligent marketing", "Intelligent insights", "Optimized processes" and "Efficient operations".

We are optimistic about the potential of the Asian market, aiming at target countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Japan for initial operations. We have started building platforms, processes, talents and systems with an international first mindset. VaRich’s team is from all over the world such as Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other regions. VaRich demonstrates the deep-rooted spirit of localization. In particular, we not only have rich diversity and creativity, but also directly break through the most difficult obstacles of general cross-border e-commerce, achieves truly localized operations, allowing us to be close to local culture and connect with influencers.

The VaRich platform has accumulated a list of tens of thousands of cooperative influencers in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. In the future, it will combine platform technology and international influencer resources to assist Taiwanese high-quality products and Taiwanese high-quality small farmers in cross-border sales as well as promote Taiwanese brands internationally and transform brand awareness into actual sales.

VaRich empowers new residents to contribute to Taiwan's Made in Taiwan (MIT) Excellence

According to Taiwan’s official statistics, there are nearly 1 million "new residents" (i.e. new immigrants) and children of new residents in Taiwan, and 80,000 new students abroad. In addition, there are more than 100 foreigners stranded in Taiwan due to the new coronavirus. In total, there are over a million of international residents in Taiwan.

VaRich platform sets up free training courses on weekends to empower Taiwanese residents and international visitors in Taiwan to have the capability of digital transformation through business community entrepreneurship courses, and cross-border Taiwan MIT boutiques through the VaRich platform, while also starting their own businesses.

The VaRich team hopes to exert an international influence, enable each individual become a folk in the digital transformation of the retail industry. VaRich’s one-stop cross-border business community platform accelerates export sales of high-quality products to Southeast Asian countries, turning the business community traffic into real revenue and cross-border entrepreneurship.

Post-pandemic generation,

VaRich combines technology, sensory integration with Taster’s Coffee

The post-pandemic generation will disrupt the retail market where people are used to being in contact with each other. It will accelerate the commercial application of data and technology and enables many unexpected industries to achieve zero contact. The VaRich platform uses data and intelligent marketing capabilities to analyze new opportunities for the future and create a whole new touchless experience for a growing consumer market.

The VaRich platform collaborates with Taster's Coffee to combine the founder Hu Zhengyuan’s agricultural background with scientific methods for analyzing coffee and technological theories to fully quantify the parameters of coffee beans. This enables a stable production flow and quality control of coffee beans in a systematic and digital manner. The program uses accurate data and proportions to create a memorable coffee sharing package for VaRich’s grand opening.

Consumers only need to purchase sharing packages online and brew them at home with a set amount of water, and they will be able to drink the taste of hand-brewed coffee brewed by a craftsman on the spot. Consumers can enjoy high-quality coffee at home without having to go out.

The scale of Taiwan’s e-commerce market is accelerating in the post-pandemic era. As it continues to heat up, how should brand owners master this zero-contact environment, but rely on the trust between people, generate buying behavior, and use the most influential sales channels.

The one-stop service provided by VaRich and its multinational team can effectively assist Taiwanese brands in cross-border operations. Its international payment and logistics integration capabilities can also simplify cross-border logistics operations. We help Taiwanese brands sell overseas and navigate the new e-commerce industry.

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